Buy Or Rent This Self-Driving Car Related Domain.

Okay...  So, you're a fan of technology, an
 early adopter, forward thinking, and have
 a super nerdy interest in building your own
 version of a "DIY" self-driving car.

And perhaps – perhaps – you've got such
 a nerdy interest in the technology and the
 concept of a hand built autonomous vehicle
 that you've seriously thought about putting
 all the parts together on your own (or maybe 
 buying a self-driving car kit) and assembling 
 some sort of driverless vehicle at home in 
 your garage.

And what are the odds that you're both a
 fan of self-driving car technology AND a bit
 entrepreneurially minded, and so you've
 thought about starting an autonomous
 vehicle company of your own?

Or, perhaps you've thought about starting
 a news site of sorts, where advances in
 self-driving car technology are highlighted,
 while also listing out various parts, resources,
 software, and affiliates who can help people
 build their own DIY self-driving car?

Well then, this site is for you.

Because this domain is for sale.

Or, if you just want to test out your marketing 
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We're not picky.

Now, to be honest, there's nothing parked
 here for now except for the cluster of clumsy, 
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Because we (the owners of the domain)
 really don't have the time, energy, or
 commitment to build it out properly.

At the same time, we don't own an
 autonomous vehicle company, nor
 have any plans on starting one.

But we can spot a trend. 

And we can look at an obvious trend and 
 make some fairly authoritative predictions 
 about the future.

And it's pretty obvious that self-driving
 cars will make up the majority of vehicles
 on our streets, roads, and highways within 
 a very short time.

And, while this idea might be a bit difficult
 to grasp right now, a good number of the
 autonomous vehicles out on the roads
 (especially in the early years) will be
 DIY autonomous vehicles of sorts, where
 aftermarket "self-driving" kits are used
 to modify non-autonomous vehicles and
 make them self-driving.

Which sounds like a pretty interesting
 niche to be involved with.

And this domain (
 fits right in with that niche.

Soooooo...  If you have any sort of
 interest in owning this domain (or 
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As a quick heads up: this site is not
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We're not looking to charge obscene amounts
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Again, we're realists.

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